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The Company Conglomerate is a supplier of a wide line of products for different industries.
We offer you domestic manufacture products of high quality and at reasonable prices.

Spunbond is thermally bonded non-woven fabric manufactured from polypropylene filaments of basic surface density from 15 g/m2 to 150 g/m2 and of wide color range.
Due to its properties this type of non-woven fabric is used widely in many industries.
Spunbond non-woven fabric is used for the production of single-use clothes and underwear, garment and shoes coverings, bags; it is also used for the production of mattresses, upholstered furniture and filtration materials.

SMMS (spunbond - meltblown - meltblown - spunbond) a multiple layer fabric that is generally  made of various alternating layers of spunbond (S) and melt blown (M) webs formed into one and due to this technology the resulting composite fabric has excellent properties such as bacterial barrier, softness and tensile strength. The SMMS non-woven fabric is used for the production of single-use health care products (masks, surgical drapes and gowns) as well as for the hygienic products (baby nappies, products of ladies hygiene).

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19th May, 2010
The Company Conglomerate and Polymatiz ZAO entered an exclusive dealing
agreement for the year of 2010.
According to this dealing agreement
Conglomerate will supply the non-woven fabrics on the territory of the
Russian Federation to those customers who are interested in medium and
small-scale wholesale. Polymatiz ZAO shall only deal with big wholesalers of
spunbond and SMMS materials.
The companies signed the respective agreement in April, 2010.
Conglomerate OOO has been a dealer of the company Polymatiz since 2008 and has been supplying the non-woven materials under the trade mark Polyspun on the territory of Russia. Polymatiz ZAO is one of the leading manufacturers of the SPUNBOND and SMMS non-woven fabrics; it is situated on the territory of the special economic zone "Alabuga" (Republic of Tatarstan).
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